Taking responsibility for how you think, feel and act

In an earlier posting this week I referred to the need to take ownership for our own part in things not working out. This can be a difficult shift to make but it is so often a crucial one. And we need to keep doing it.

The understanding of personal responsibility or accountability is frequently stated by many people, but it isn’t one that is easily practised. So often it goes against our experience, based on our current paradigm of perception. We think, based on past experience that things often happen “to us”, that they are the result of actions by others or circumstances that “occur”. However, according to the understanding of the function of empowered perception, what occurs is a result of our thoughts, how we perceive things and what we put out. An example is frequently noticing the difference in how you feel, what you think, how you act and how you see the world when you are having a good day and feeling good, as opposed to a bad one. There’s the saying, “You got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning”, to imply that you started off on the wrong foot that day and it continued thus.

Another aspect of responsibility is that we are in process, that how we feel and how we act is governed by our state of mind. We literally respond to our own process, what’s going on inside. Hence Fritz Perls used to use the word as “response-ability”, our ability to respond to our own process.

The point is that with any situation or event or behaviour that occurs that isn’t serving us or not what we want, it is well worth pausing and thinking about what we ourselves could take responsibility for and change or do something about. This is particularly powerful when it comes to challenging and changing how we feel, think and act, when challenging our own beliefs and being aware of and working to let go or change our state. In the quantum paradigm, when multiple options exist in the moment, we choose another approach and the feelings and thoughts that go with it, and the world gradually re-configures as we intend.

But we need to persevere, to practice it, since the universe will initially challenge us, test us, to see if we mean it. Also it takes a while, at least 30 days, to change old habits. So we generally need to work at it.