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 John Gloster-Smith

John Gloster-Smith

John Gloster-Smith, BA Oxford, PGCE, MAHPP, is a leadership consultant, facilitator and coach with wide experience as a seminar leader, both in open programmes and in organisations. He has a background of 15 years in organisational consultancy with major corporates in virtually every business and organisational sector to Board level, and he was previously in teaching to a senior level for 17 years.




Akasha LonsdaleAkasha Lonsdale

Akasha Lonsdale is a psychotherapist and stress management specialist (MISMA UK) who has extensive organisational consulting experience with numerous major companies. Her expertise includes executive mentoring, keynote speaking and seminar leadership. Her background is in senior Human Resources Management. She is author of “How to do Life - Powerful Pointers for Powerful Living” (2004) and  "Do I Kneel or Do I Bow?" (Kuperard 2010) and is an ordained Interfaith Minister.


Both are Certified Laughter Teachers, having trained with Dr. Madan Kataria  from Mumbai, India

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