The laughter school

To enhance the quality of your life, two inspiring books and a powerful, effective relaxation CD

Book How to Do Life


How to Do Life by Akasha Lonsdale

A highly successful self-help book packed full of tips and "how to's".

"I started to read it last night and think it should be mandatory reading for just about everyone I know!!!!!!!!" Ruth Katz, Managing Director, Pop for Schools.

Bliss Out CD for serious relaxation"There is an amazing amount of useful stuff packed into this CD: a clear explanation of a really calming deep breathing technique, a short session which provides an infallible burst of energy when I need it, and a deep relaxation session for the end of the day. But I'm afraid I can't vouch for the end of the sleep session - I've never stayed awake to hear it.   Dr. Charlotte Baden

Bliss Out  total relaxation CD by Akasha Lonsdale

(also available as an Mp3 download)