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Laughter - something simple that can transform life at work

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Companies and other organisations are investing in laughter programs because they know how such a simple technique can change the whole environment in which their staff work, with amazing results.A serious team

Have you ever been in a situation where the atmosphere has been really heavy and things seemed hard-going? Then something occurs, or someone says something and everybody falls about laughing? Then suddenly everything has changed. Everything is somehow possible. People relax and start communicating - they feel more connected. Things seem more fun. You have probably had this kind of experience and will know how laughter helps make the difference.

Mostly though it is short-lived unless people learn how to laugh authentically. Investing in laughter training helps to embed personal, team and culture change. One Danish company has reported a 40% improvement in sales after this training.

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Specsavers Chippenham store director, Mike Thompson, who attended a course run at their branch, said: "It's been an absolutely fantastic experience. It was completely random - one minute you're fine and as soon as things go quiet you just lose it completely. You start laughing and you can't explain how it happens, but it felt great and staff have certainly responded positively."

A participant at a course in Oxford wrote, "Had a wonderful morning, really made sense. Pierre and I both went on to have very successful days indeed. Pierre had a 100% hit rate on his sales so he was even more happy!" (Jon)

HomestartSwindon said, "You certainly made our AGM go with a swing and a smile and that was so great".

And here are some ways that laughter training is used:

One-hour laughter groups: lunch-time; pre-work; day-end
Half-day laughter event
One-day event
Off-sites and team building

Company away days, conferences and keynotes

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