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The Business Case for Laughter Training

Here are the results you can expect from Laughter Training

1. Lower stress levels
2. Increased Emotional Intelligence
3. Stronger interpersonal relationships
4. Enhanced Innovation and Peak Performance
5. Highly Cost effective
6. Rapid and visible results

1. Lower stress levels

Stress is caused by many factors but the main cause is perception.  Some people are natural optimists whilst others are more pessimistic and therefore  prone to worry.  This worry may be about past events or it may be to do with what might or might not happen in the future.  The result is often higher blood pressure, poor sleep, anxiety, mood swings and decreased ability to take personal responsibility.   How this manifests in the workplace is poor attention to detail, lack of focus, inability to cope under pressure, defensiveness, irritability sometimes bordering anger and an inability to receive constructive feedback.  The end result is often absenteeism from the workplace which then places more pressure on those left to manage the additional workload. 

Laughter Training helps both physically and emotionally. These are the physical benefits:  

Laughter lowers blood pressure (unless someone has a serious heart condition)
It stimulates the digestive system and internal organs
It lowers the level of the negative stress hormone “cortisol”
It increases the flow of oxygen to the brain which enhances mental capabilities and reduces general feelings of anxiety
It decreases the risk of heart attacks
It boosts the immune system
It promotes good sleep
It increases stamina

2. Enhanced EI: the Emotional benefits of Laughter Training

It counteracts anxiety
It fosters a sense of wellbeing
It generates more feelings of optimism and “can do”
It stimulates a more positive outlook
It develops our innate sense of humour
It enhances communication through increased confidence
It reduces tension and irritability
It creates a happier disposition

3. Strengthens interpersonal relationships

Laughter is a great communication enhancer and it said that “people who laugh together, work better together”.  This is why Laughter training is so effective for team building, stress management, communication and leadership programs:

It breaks down barriers
It makes us more likeable
It makes us more transparent
It connects and bonds people
It develops our sense of humour and breaks down our inhibitions
It enhances a sense of potential
It brings out the best in people
It enhances self-esteem in groups
It creates safety
Criticism collapses
It interrupts the power struggle
It diffuses conflict
When we laugh with others, we ourselves are fun

4. Enhanced Innovation and Peak Performance

Laughter stimulates and is stimulated by playfulness.  When people play, they are at their most creative.  Advertising agencies frequently use play and laughter to move them from analytical  assessment to the creative flow of ideas.  The natural and spontaneous laughter than arises through laughter training, bypasses the left brained rationality and the aspect of self-limiting control.

Laughter stimulates right brain activity, which is the function of:


5. Highly cost-effective

Laughter training is easy and economical to deliver. 

Economical on facilities: All that is needed is a room where the noise will not disrupt the work of others and is big enough to hold a group. This dispenses with the need for expensive training facilities
Economical on time: Laughter Training sessions are short, approximately 1-1 ½ hours, meaning that people are not away from the workplace for long. It can be offered to suit company needs ie “Lunch-&-Learn”, before work or at the end of the day.
Large or small groups are possible
It can be rolled out across the organisation quickly
It is easy to practice

6. Results are rapidly visible

A happier and healthier workforce for all the reasons given above.  People visibly shine physically, mentally and emotionally.  They become more focused and committed to the company, their work, and their colleagues.

ULTIMATE RESULT: Enhanced success of the business

An IT company, Four Systems in Copenhagen, Denmark, has reported a 40% increase in sales as a result of laughter training.

Other applications

Keynote speaking
Corporate hospitality
Reward programs

This information is based on the personal experience of The Laughter School and the scientifically proven research results of:

Dr. Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Robert Provine, University of Maryland
Dr. William Fry, Stanford University
Dr. Lee Berks, Loma Linda University Medical Centre
Dr. Otto Warburgh, twice Nobel Prize winner

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