Time to light a light for ourselves and for the world

When there’s conflict around us, or we’re caught up in it, and we feel like there’s no light around us, it can seem like all that there is is this stuff going on. We might lose hope and feel like that’s our reality and that’s all there is. Then it’s hard to trust that there is more than this, that there is somewhere that is peaceful, harmonious and contented. What can we do about this? How do we move on?

Right now, in the UK, our politicians are caught up, it seems, in a mega-conflict, and the signs are that much of the population is too. So, the question could be, for the self-aware who also feels caught up in all this, what can we do to move on from this?

How do we move on?

As I’ve written on these pages before, the self-aware person is still human. They can get caught up in stuff too. We might of course be very exceptional and live in constant bliss. But for very many of us, that may not be so, or at least not seem so! We might be so completely caught up in the drama that we’re not aware we are. Self-awareness may have taken a holiday, so to speak! Some holiday! Or, we might be aware we’re stuck in the drama, and carry on with the drama.

It can be like a dream we perversely don’t want to awaken from. The dream has its own pathway and we’re absorbed in it. We know it doesn’t serve us, but carry on we do.

We might feel so strongly about the issue that we won’t let go of it, like a dog with a bone. We’re really determined to see it through. We might feel very self-righteous about it, like we’re the ones who are right and it’s the others that are wrong and they are the ones who are causing problems for us. If they changed, or we forced them to, them everything would be OK.

Or would it? Is this really the path to healing?

What to do?

What is so hard to see in the midst of conflict is that both parties (I’m assuming two here, but there might be more!) need to let go of something in order to come to an agreement. We could work on trying to facilitate that and that can be worthwhile for us. Peacemakers are needed!

However, there’s another space entirely that can get overlooked.

That space is where we let go of it in ourselves, irrespective of the choices others might be making.

This is an internal process, within ourselves, that I am referring to.

This is where we unconditionally let go of things that are keeping us stuck in the drama: like to let go of the attachment to being absorbed in the drama; or let go of the outcome we want; or let go of our ideas about how things are; or let go of being right and others being wrong; or let go of the whole thing itself.

Just give it up. Surrender.

This is not surrender as in giving in to others. It is surrender as in letting go of things, stuff, drama, attachments, emotions, thoughts, attitudes. The whole bang shoot.

Take in a deep breath…and then another…breathe in deep… and as you breathe out…let it go…breathe in again…and as you breathe out…let go of all that stuff…yes, the whole lot of it.

Practice That

And now, instead, choose a positive intention for yourself.

Sit for a while in meditation. You could this today. Light a candle, like this one, a candle in the dark, to bring light to the dark.

Candle flame - light in the dark
Candle flame – light in the dark

The dark is not bad, it’s just not light. The dark can be threatening, or it can be warm and comfortable, infinitely comfortable. It depends how we have it. The light can shine in the dark, and bring light to the dark.

Sit with this light. You can do this while it seems there’s stuff going on “out there”, but for for you now, it isn’t. There’s just you, and the light shining.

Then, close your eyes, taking that light within you, into your inner awareness, to your heart centre, knowing that that light always shines within you as your inner candle flame. Take some deeper breaths, and let go as I have described. Now focus on your light.

Sit for a while in meditation, holding that space.

Then, when you are ready, recall your intention. Then, take a deep breath and send that light and that thought out into the world.

Send out your thought, your light, in a great, big, powerful beam of love.

Send out healing to the world.

It needs it right now.